What is Digitally Skilled Anyway?

About Digitally Skilled

Digitally Skilled was established in 2018 by Jennifer Bailey (you can read her story below). The idea behind the brand was that we could provide tips, tutorials and support about all things technology-based – be it laptops, tablets, e-readers, phones etc and also the software and programs that we use on them.



We wanted to narrow it down a bit however but because technology is all around us and constantly causing us challenges we didn’t want to exclude any of it!



The things we cover can be pretty much anything techie based – however our delivery isn’t.



What do we mean?



We believe that all out teaching, training, tips and support should be delivered with the non-techie in mind. 



Jennifer Bailey - My Story

I always wanted to go to University. I love learning , I can’t help it. Learning new stuff makes me feel excited and alive! 

I have NO idea what I wanted to study though. My mum took me to see a career’s advisor who suggested that I studied food or food technology as it fitted in with my A Levels. I thought this seemed a great idea and I set my mind and heart on going to the local college to study.

4 years later I came out of University and started working in the food industry. I didn’t really like it – I realised that at the time I was more of a people person, I was more interested in the staff then the volumes of food the factory produced.

It made me cast my mind back to on summer  whilst I was studying for my degree when I worked as a sailing instructor. It was fun, not just the sailing bit (the water fights were pretty cool actually) but the working with students to help them learn to sail.

In 2000 I made the decision to go back to college to get my PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education). With this extra knowledge and qualification I knew that it would let me embrace by love of learning … and teaching.

Shortly after enrolling into the course I was made redundant (for the first time). I knew that I did not want to work in the food industry anymore. I took the chance and wrote to the Heads of Faculty at the college where I was studying asking for work. I spent 4 weeks volunteering to show willing and to get some experience. I ended up working there for 7 years. I only left because I relocated back to Torbay where I grew up.

Between then and 2018 I had two children and worked numerous teaching and training jobs, my last being 4 year stint as a Training and Development Officer for a charity.  

I also set up a small business with my partner, learned how to build websites and discovered the world of online marketing.

I didn’t want my story to turn into a CV (so if you want to see it all in it’s glory you can check out my LinkedIn profile here)

Fast-forward top 2018 I was made redundant again from my Training and Development role… and decided to set up on my own. 

Technology can be great, scary, frustrating, marvelous and down right annoying at times. I love technology (and gadgets) I still have problems which take some time to solve. I KNOW how you feel. I also wanted to use my training skills to help you overcome them.  

You can find me elsewhere here:

Twitter: @JenniferBailey

LinkedIn: Profile 

But Enough About Me!

I want to know about you and help you!


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